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Alvar Aalto in Seinäjoki

Alvar Aalto (1898–1976), a Finnish architect and professor, is one of the notable innovators of architecture and interior decoration. Aalto’s design is characterised by individuality combined with the perception of current trends. As to his working methods, Aalto was a delicate observer of man and his environment as well as a designer striving after reasonable solutions.

How did Alvar Aalto’s architecture come to Seinäjoki? Alvar Aalto was born in Kuortane, South Ostrobothnia. He graduated as an architect in 1921, but while still studying, he designed the Youth Society building of Alajärvi, his then home municipality. As a result of an architectural competition in 1951, Aalto was charged with the design of the new church and parish centre of Seinäjoki. Then, a brave and ambitious decision was made: the implementation of “The Cross of the Plains” was started according to the plan, which meant, among other things, the designing of a 1200-seat church for the parish of over 10 000 people.

The Administrative and Cultural Centre designed by the world-famous architect was erected as a municipal effort. Five of the six buildings were completed in the 1960’s; during the subsequent years, the emphasis was on the development of other targets and services in the city, whereas the 1980’s marked a return to Aalto’s plans.

Seinäjoki City Centre Show (about 15 min.)

The Show was made by Alvar Aalto Museum and City of Seinäjoki in 2011.

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